Help us Build Abolition Plaza!

For the next 3 upcoming Saturdays (10/9, 10/16 and 10/23) from 10-4pm at 4201 Powelton Street, we will be working on ABOLITION PLAZA!

This effort is in consultation with HRC/CADBI members, and the plan is to turn the back area there into a solar-powered, outdoor meeting area and community garden sited behind the office. Using permeable pavers, we will create a sizeable central area (roughly 11’ X 11’) including a seating structure shaded by solar panels to generate energy for outdoor power/plug-in stations and a rain-catchment irrigation system for the nearby garden beds. And we need help to make it happen!

On this first Saturday (10/4), our primary goals are to fully clean up the back yard lot, build the platforms for the rain barrels, plot out the plaza dimensions, move one of the garden beds, and repair any of the beds that need repairing. The general plan for the two Saturdays following is also listed below.

Again, we could REALLY USE YOUR HELP!! Come for one hour or for six!

This Saturday, October 9 from 10-4PM Clear the land and build the barrel platforms!

Saturday, October 16 from 10-4PM On this workday, we'll especially need hands and arms to dig out the plaza area, lay down a layer of crushed stone, and top it with permeable pavers. We will also be attaching the plumbing for the rain barrel irrigation system.

Saturday, October 23 from 10-4PM We'll be constructing and completing the shade structure, as well as hooking up the solar panels/batteries.

TBA Ground breaking The date of the final weekend workday is still to be determined and will also include a celebratory ground-breaking/launch of the space. On that day, we'll also be using a simple blueprint to construct a number of additional benches to be available back there for seating. We'll also be doing a workshops breaking down how we built the solar and irrigation components for those interested.

There will be plenty of tasks that don't require specialized skills, so please don't feel dissuaded or intimidated from coming based on prior experience. However, if you do have specialized skills and can offer your time, we would love it and be so grateful!

Again, that's THIS SATURDAY FROM 10AM-4PM at 4201 Powelton Street, behind the HRC/CADBI offices. If you don't see us immediately, just ask someone how to get to the backyard area.

Hope to see you there!

with much warmth,

Holobiont Lab

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